Limpet Space Race Decorate the Soundscape With "Cartograffiti"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Mighty melodic and mellow to a 'T,' Limpet Space Race's "Cartograffiti" is lovely stuff all around.

Light soul suffuses in splashes of synthesized, bass-heavy brilliance. Caution: You might dance.

No love to spare...

The line's been crossed. A hair's breadth is enough...

There's no world left to share.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"The tie between you and me breaks..."

Limpet Space Race wrangle a wealth of sonic elements to surprisingly soothing sound in "Cartograffiti".

Swervy guitar strings stitch a loose net of electro notes together over a diversity of percussive elements. Keys brave higher octaves briefly before returning to their starting points and vocals carry air in an aria, alluring. Below, amorphous bass tones shrink and grow at intervals, lifting and dropping the bulk of the mix with jazzy sway.


Deportation and wavering lines etched in sand as separation line the symbolic folds of this song and its accompanying video. "Cartograffiti" expounds on a touchy subject with a sound that's all feel and unbridled substance.

Come and find a cool state of mind in this super smooth and sublimely experimental track. The play button awaits below.

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