Light Army Do "Want You"


Odd Nugget Social-done

"Want You" will make you want more of Light Army.

There's swerve and swing enough to satisfy here. Funkified rock rhythm steps onto a dance floor and shakes us with a helping of house. All dance and drama, "Want You" weighs in nicely.

"There ain't no one else..."

A long drive alone... The air is cool. The sky is dark.

Tires melt into turf. You're off-road.

Over dunes, into distance, you speed off.

Wind blows behind; over your trail. No tracks to follow.

"I tried not to want you."

A bit of twangy guitar scruff adds that perfect little 'something' to this one. Tight and syncopated, yet decidedly analogue.

The entire track bleeds retro rhythm; like an old record left spinning to a new beat.

Singer Katerina's sultry vocals seep into the song, plaintive and reminiscing. A treat.

This one's worth a listen, for sure. Fresh, smooth and entrancing, with a dash of hot... Listen and love.

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