Lifted by Lily Lambert's "Oh La La La"



Lily Lambert tackles the free-flying feeling of joy in "Oh La La La" - landing in a lake of happy nostalgia.

"Oh La La La" is a gentle ballad unadorned in complexities. It plays like a lullaby meant for dawn and fills the mind with childhood memories.

"It's there in every breath that I take"

We're rising with the sun in a field of stars - grasping beams of light like straw in our outstretched hands. Dawn paints the drab of night with miraculous speed as we stumble into morning.

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Songbirds and the like dress the phone lines - watching for worms, or something along those lines...

"It's gonna be a good day"

This song hearkens back to an earlier period in music history. Particularly in the bass line, we can make out the slightest vestiges of the late 50's Doo Wop era. The light-hearted nature of the lyrics ties in well with this theory.

Lily's voice is almost maternal - calming and reassuring.

"Oh La La La" is as much a positive note as a song that ends on one. It's got a certain oldies quality to it, at once charming and serene.

Listen for yourself!

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