LEX the Lexicon Artist Reveals More About Upcoming Album "Alter Ego"


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LEX the Lexicon Artist is dropping her newest album, "Alter Ego," on the 31st and we've got an inside look (or listen) to tell you all about.

If you missed it, check out part one of this series. Read on for more on the album and LEX's thoughts.

Alter Ego's first five tunes take you deep into LEX's world, but "Self Care" digs the rabbit hole deeper. Alongside the likes of Shubzilla and Mikal kHill, LEX leads us down dark internal corridors teeming with the types of troubling thoughts those of us lost in our own heads can relate to.

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"Party Hop" shifts the album into reverse momentarily, injecting sounds at once upbeat and saccharine sweet in a flurry of acid jazz-esque instrumentation.

Titular tune "Alter Ego" brings the album's trajectory back in line with previous tracks. Brooding tones, digitized... Identity turmoil, dystopian... We're brouhgt into the fold and told all about LEX's other half in wordy bursts bobbing over ominous undertones.

"The part of me you see is not the one true me..."

"Augmented" rains industrial energy down on your senses, lending a thematic narrative to the dark and digital vibe much of the album is teeming with. This song's end gives us one of the greatest quotes of all time - both brilliant in its subversion and baffling in its implications: "Now I can finally I U Deez Nuts".

How can mere mortals "IU Deez NUTS!"?

I U-ing Deez Nuts isn't just an act, but a state of being. One must ascend to a higher plane to achieve its true form and then one will be content and want for nothing more.

I dream of a world where all may I U Deez Nutz if they so desire.

- LEX the Lexicon Artist

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"Famous" follows up with twinkling synths, smooth vocals and an unexpected burst of sing-song melody. Fame, fortune and depth of desire play as lights linked in lines outside a speeding car's window. It sounds like the sight of a busy city buffered by neon rain.

"If you feel anxious as our fates intertwine, it's by design."

Why do you go by "LEX the Lexicon Artist"?

It's my "Funky Homosapien". I was already Lex, but I needed people to be able to find me on Google. Also, "Lexicon Artist" is a play on words/portmanteau of "Lexicon" and "Con Artist". So it means "I do tricks with words." I also like that "con artist" makes me sound kind of sinister and mischievous.

Now that I think about it, "LEX the Lexicon Artist" might be a bit too long.

- LEX the Lexicon Artist

"Alter Ego" has yet more in store, so check back in on the 31st - release day - for our impression of the album's last few tracks and more info from LEX.

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