LEX AUDREY Tag Themselves "NSFL"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Ping pong synths and sing song vocals wash over a steady rock rhythm in LEX AUDREY's "NSFL".

"NSFL" is light and colorful enough to take you away body and mind.

"It stares into my head..."

Static is the station. Stationary is time. No time for a phone call.

Your phone in hand, you wonder. Pondering your life, you're frightened.

On screen, an ad for fulfillment appears. Your phone has felt your feelings for you.

"...To know it knows me."

Gorillaz grandeur and Coldplay calm commingle in "NSFL". The effect is moody yet relaxing.

Grumpy bass like an overtaxed engine, mobile drums like fleet foot traffic and electronic additions like sonic confetti unite seamlessly beneath the lead vocals. It's the spirited sort of sound only an enterprising indie rock band could deliver, and LEX AUDREY deliver.


Light music usually lacks emotional depth, but "NSFL" makes light of its own profundity. Lyrically, it strafes the bounds of self-awareness with intriguingly pointed observations.

Any indie enjoyer will find this track a perfect addition to their regular roundup. Of course, even if you aren't an indie aficionado, you can enjoy "NSFL". So, enjoy.

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