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Dragons always wind up with more gold than leprechauns, but we act like a leprechaun's pot of gold is worthwhile.

Regardless... Leprechaun art is awesome! These pieces from around the net will inspire you...

Happy St Patrick's Day 2018

Kobi-Tfs Happy St Patrick's Day 2018

by Kobi-Tfs

Outline leprechaun Stock Vector yayayoyo 19942685

 Outline leprechaun  Stock Vector  yayayoyo 19942685


The Leprechaun

Fabricio Rezende The Leprechaun


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Leprechaun Stickers Redbubble

 Leprechaun Stickers  Redbubble


moon door

Tommaso Gomez moon door


"Shopper", Ed Binkley on ArtStation at ...


You want waffles? I tried to keep the skepticism from my voice.

No firstborn or a pot of gold?Im not a leprechaun, Sam.

And what would I do with a baby? Her eyebrow shot back up, and she crossed her arms.

I want waffles.

Take it or leave it.

I glanced at Brid, who was staring at Ashley shrewdly.

Lets talk numbers, she said.

Are we talking, like, twenty waffles all at once? Or a waffle a week for six months? What?Every day for two years, Ashley said.

Thats outrageous, Brid sputtered.

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, Lish McBride

MYth: Gold

zeldacw MYth: Gold

by zeldacw

Kabouter - Hakan Kamar

Hakan Kamar Kabouter - Hakan Kamar


Why are Americans so fascinated by Ireland? Keith asked.

.you all think youre Irish.Whats the appeal? Do you like the accent more? Is it all the magical rocks? Oh, look, a leprechaun...

The Last Little Blue Envelope, Maureen Johnson

Leprechaun Skull Stickers Redbubble

 Leprechaun Skull Stickers  Redbubble


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