Lake Folks's "Someone Else's Dreams" Will Wet Your Eyeballs

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

A lucid lullaby in starlight, Lake Folks's "Someone Else's Dreams" drizzles twinkling strings over pooling emotions.

This song sings sweet sorrow for a sorrowful state of affairs, transmuting sadness to surreal soliloquy.

Relax. Breathe easy.

Don't despair. Keep calm and...

Try not to compare.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"And i just sit there wondering..."

Lake Folks finds a sweet spot somewhere between hazy dream and rainy day in "Someone Else's Dreams".

Chords strum at one end. Strings strike and pluck at the other. Clinched in the middle, front and center, are vocals sung as if to self-soothe. The most pleasing parts might be the subtle joining of chord progression and words at the latter half of each chorus. It'll carry you away.


Detachment from the simple pleasures of life lingers in every lyrical line of "Someone Else's Dreams". Sensing something awry, you glance around at a world gone gray. Your path you passed up for someone else's.

This is a lovely listen for day's end. Perhaps, it's even better for a bright new dawn. Listen.

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