Lake Folks's "Astronaut" Sends Us Soaring... Seriously

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Shambling rhythm and raucous harmonica unite under a sky of sonic stars in Lake Folks's "Astronaut".

Folk feel and a lot of love... This song sends us off on an interstellar excursion.

What's out there?

Stars align with hearts. Hearts shine in the eye.

You're stars sharing sky.


"You're telling me we have to go..."

A rush of harmonica holds sway on the breeze at the intro to "Astronaut". It counts down, one breath at a time, to an uplifting liftoff, harmonic.

Airy vocals twist and turn around sandy snare and shaky strum. Poetic reminiscences reverberate to a beating heart's cadence as guitars cast glitter at our surroundings. Excitement dies down to a whisper as chorus fades to verse, then explodes again, afterburners aglow in the heat of the moment.


"Astronaut" is heartfelt and full of life, leaving enough emotion in the air to catch at a spark. Lake Folks frees a chest-full of feelings to take flight on a festive soundscape. It's just great.

You should listen to "Astronaut" if you're happy, or even if you're sad. Either way, you'll be glad that you did.

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