La Voix du Luthier - Powered Acoustic Resonator Amp for Your Instruments

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Luthier-level sound awaits with these crazy cool soundboard resonator amps for your instruments.

Unlike standard amps, these beautiful creations amplify your instruments with uniquely light, clear, 3-Dimensional energy.

Unlike average amps, these speakers spread their sounds out in all directions like traditional instruments, thanks to a similar design incorporating soundboards.


"Like acoustic instruments, they are deeply interacting with their environment, allowing to fully take advantage of the specific tonal characteristics of a venue."

These amps impart analogue color and character to the sounds they amplify. Make no mistake, though, the sounds they are capable of amplifying are entirely electronic.

These amps can even be mounted to your instrument to better harness the vibratory feedback they impart in your playing. Finely crafted from quality wood, these speakers are gorgeous and well-suited to a performance environment.


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