La Misa Negra Go Loco with "Sancocho"


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A wealth of influences converge in frantic color in La Misa Negra's "Sancocho."

It's a fiery treat decked out in daring rhythm fit for dancing.

"Sancocho" serves up a raw blend of sounds - swinging salsa, cumbia and metal together like enraged cats in a bag.

"Eschuchan ya la bulla!"

A marketplace is no space for a party. That was your first thought...

Air whirls in eddies around the scene's manic dancers.

Everyone's dancing; men, women, the elderly, 3-week-old infants, cats, dogs, chickens. What is this music?

To your surprise, you've become more than an onlooker; you're one with the mob.

"El sancocho esta caliente y nadie me lo quita!"

There's retro surf in the guitar runs, afro-rhythm in 'los tambores' and enough cumbia sabor to spice a buffet.

La Misa Negra knowingly wield a wide berth of styles - meshing them all together in a wild, liberated frenzy.


Especially satisfying are the System of a Down parallels running deep in the bass-lines. Do I hear "Hypnotize?" Doth my ears deceive me? Love it.

This is one Black Mass you'd best not miss.

A fun-filled experience of a track, "Sancocho" is but the winking tip of the iceberg that is La Misa Negra's repertoire. Check them out and enjoy!

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