L.H. Unlocks the Safety Switch in Rap EP "Phaided"


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L.H. lets us in on his project "Phaided" and it's full of laid-back flow.

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Flow like T.I. with enough throwback style to rile the genre's modernists... L.H.'s "Phaided" fits the bill with street beats you know are real.

Bounce... Rims lift like feathers, floating.

Showboating, but your mind is elsewhere.

A game, a race to make more dough.

Hey, at least it's fun though.


"Whipped cream and a cherry on top..."

"Red" rips open L.H.'s EP with allusions to a life of languorous party luxury. All red, all the time. No Blood association, just bright chroma for killer vibes.

Lyrics in "Red" let us know it's only the best, and you can leave the rest. Bottles, cups, trucks... Red.

The melody is soft. The beat is hard. The track is tight.

[audio mp3="../wp-content/uploads/01 - L.H. - Red.mp3"][/audio]

"Yesterday I had a real bad attitude..."

Days spill over into one another in "Ying Yang" as L.H. laments a life of grinding and party partaking.

Working leads to partying, partying encourages drinking... But drinking drowns the sorrows much less than it sets them free. "Today, it's the Ying. Yesterday, it was the Yang."

L.H. flips from low mood to moving on, from too far gone to feeling fine. A bad night becomes a better morning. A bad day ends and the next is ok.

[audio mp3="../wp-content/uploads/02 - L.H. - Ying Yang.mp3"][/audio]

"Stack it to the attic..."

Raw and unromantic, "Heavy" blows smoke in society's face with raw feels on heavy rotation. Money stacks sky high and chains hang weighted...

Ephemeral chirps trill from side to side in "Heavy," haunting the mix and meshing with a clicky beat. Slick sub-bass slips somewhere between the cracks, carrying reverberating, treble-leaning percussion up around a crowd of vocals like a hall of mirrors.

[audio mp3="../wp-content/uploads/03 - L.H. - Heavy.mp3"][/audio]L.H.18-done

"Be smart Joe and live to see another day..."

"Aw Sh!t" steps up with a step down to minimal melody over an 808-quake of a beat. Dial tones tip on the kick, chiming like doorbells cast in crystal glass.

Boisterous and ballsy, it all hangs out in this one. L.H. is feelin' himself and, like a virus, the vibe is contagious.

[audio mp3="../wp-content/uploads/04 - L.H. - Aw Shit.mp3"][/audio]

"She call it bittersweet..."

"Hit The Floor" grinds in with deep bass and dirty speak.

Money's arcing through the air, spinning in a draft as it catches club lights. Life leaves time hanging, slowing motion to a sluggish blur. Light blinds with each bar, sultry, ominous and ill as all get out.

L.H. leaves his life on his sleeve for all to observe. Stripper liasons and brooding low-bass boom... He hangs addendums on his words in a chorus of contributed repetitions. This tune's ice in a freeze. Chill...

[audio mp3="../wp-content/uploads/05 - L.H. - Hit The Floor.mp3"][/audio]

"Just accept it, say your prayers and get to duckin'..."

"No KeKe" breathes irreverent reverie over a sawtooth groove.

Nasty with nary an apology, this track features L.H. echoed by Nina Tech. It's a one-sided conversation, condensing to L.H.'s pursuit of cash and casual encounters.

There's undeniable groove at play in "No KeKe". Created for a club floor, this song sounds like a synth-laden block party.

[audio mp3="../wp-content/uploads/06 - L.H. - No KeKe ft. Nina Tech.mp3"][/audio]

"I'm just doin' what I know."

Retro flavor spins sweet as cotton candy in "P.b.b.".

Dirty dealings and money on the low make this track as legit as it gets.

Smoove Life lends rolling rhymes to "P.b.b." Sandwiched between two L.H. verses, it gives 'peanut butter bricks' enough flow for other rappers to get jelly.

It's family first in the lyrics, but liquor and ladies lounge freely as well.

"P.b.b." rounds off the album in old school style, arming party anthem antics with overtly aggressive gangsta go-to's. Good for blasting on a late night bender, this one brings L.H.'s sound full into view.

[audio mp3="../wp-content/uploads/07 - L.H. - P.b.b. ft. Smoove Life.mp3"][/audio]L.H.26-done

As an album, "Phaided" feels cohesive enough to carve a niche out for L.H. alone. Retro beats bring back all the goodies from the oldies, as L.H. packs street poetry and catchy chorus hooks in place throughout.

If you're up for straight rap with rambunctious swagger and gangsta groove, "Phaided" is a listen you can't afford to lose.


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