KUOKO Fascinates "Birds on the Fire Escape"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Stream of consciousness experimentation drizzled in drops of reverb rains down in KUOKO's gorgeous "Birds on the Fire Escape".

"...I know even if the sun doesn't shine, you'll come."

A dismal day. Gray. Big billowy blankets crowd out the sky.

Elbows moisten on the sill. Still waiting...

A ruckus of wings and wind shocks the silence. Birds brace for flight seconds after landing. For a second, a spot of sunlight sprays your face bright white.

Odd Nugget Soc-done

"...They just sing to my heart."

"Birds on the Fire Escape" is a lovely listen on multiple counts. Kuoko sings her thoughts, her thoughts ring clear over a sparse arrangement of reversed synth notes and the notes ricochet, tethered to a snappy beat.

The whole of this track sounds like a memory in the making. There's evident melancholy, but also flecks of nostalgia and joy floating on its surface.

Guessing at KUOKO's influences for this song would lead you to the likes of Bjork and Massive Attack. Deliberate, careful rhythmic arrangements and tentative tonality color it experimental gold.

Especially intriguing is the KUOKO's key. Decidedly Eastern, it's deliciously ambiguous - dribbling nonchalance.

For relaxing thought provocation, KUOKO's "Birds on the Fire Escape" is perfection. Pleasant pondering.

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