Krunk's "La Menta" Has Made Me Lose 'Mi Mente'

Odd Nugget Social-done

Krunk takes us on an exotic sound-trip in "La Menta."

An ocean of bright electro-pulsations over a deafening beat awaits us.

Like stepping into a SNES game's pixelated platform environ, "La Menta" slaps of digital sound. This isn't Super Mario though; more like condensed Castlevania.

There's an eerie tone and texture to it all and an oriental hook that'll sink you in deeper.


Criss-cross through a forest of flesh as the dance floor erupts multi-hued effervescence in sync with the song.

Time lengthens and expands - filling seconds with minutes, overflowing hours with millennia.

You don't want to dance. You're after the exit. She's in front of you now. She's pressed in close.

Framed in an endless moment, the two of you move as one over an LED-lit floor of frozen light.


“If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution.”― Emma Goldman

"La Menta" takes an electric-only approach to deep, dark house - all the while delivering a surprisingly analogue experience.

It plays like a ghost town turned underground club. It's a Latin rave run smack into that club scene from the Matrix. We're following the white rabbit.

This track is immersive. Big open-spaced sounds show us the world; regression to the no-nonsense beat forces us to live in it.

House-happy listeners will find themselves right at home with "La Menta." If you're up for an almost cinematic listening experience, this song will surely satisfy.

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