Kronic Says "Have a Drink on Me"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Hard-style anthem to the world's broken boozers...

Kronic's "Have a Drink on Me" downs tough thoughts with a lime wedge. Energetic alcoholic denial in a swirl of sound.

Heavyweight singing and punchy production make Kronic's new track a slammer. The vocals especially bring a stark storytelling touch to it - making for a very personal song.

"My head ain't right..."

Words slur. World's a blur. How long have you been here?

Red lights scan your retinas. Beer goggles have got you blind...

Your hands are antennae. You feel for the door.

One-hundred people. Four walls. One bar. And no doors. Another round...

"...Take mine with no lime..."

There's a lot of rock mingling with the EDM in "Have a Drink on Me" - pushing it into fusion territory. It's a veritable cocktail of influences.

Guitar licks and runs slip through the mix, eclipsed by haunting keys and broiling bass synths. Mental anguish and frustration are palpable in the track's atmosphere. It's controlled chaos, bubbling with outcries on every chorus.

Odd Nugget -done

It's the story that takes it all the way, though. Told from the addict's perspective, "Have a Drink on Me" blows dust from the tome of a heavy drinker's troubled mind.

For such a sombre song, this one's sure to lift your spirits. The vibes are big, bold and raw, but the mixture is neat. Have a sip.

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