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Windy locations are probably a lot more likely to seem haunted.

Nobody tends to think ocean waves are murmuring with the voices of the dead.

On a similar note...

These exceptionally strange wind stories and books could be a bit more than you bargained for. Read on, brave visitor, for more...

animal sign and guide

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Wind or something else?

So w shave a shed with hanging led lights, me and my family were taking out ceiling tiles from a drop ceiling because we had just replaced most of them.

When we go out to the shed I was the first one out there, didnt notice anything until my dog ran in and starting acting strange. I look around, nothing. Then I look up and the hanging led light, like the ones you would see hanging in a mechanics shop or over a work bench was swinging side to side, about 6 inches each way.

I thought to myself it could have just been the door slamming, tried it, nothing. Tried it again, this time harder, nothing. Then I sit there and watch it for about 5 minutes. It keeps up the same momentum and doesnt slow or stop. It has been swinging for the past 2 hours and none of the other 7 have.

Can you guys tell me if this is just a draft coming in from the roof or something else.

Posted on Reddit by thiccenanddumplin.

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She watched the snow fall quietly upon the ground from the comfort of her warm, toasty, living room as she wondered if the wind had finally stopped for the night.

If the weather hadnt gotten so gentle she never wouldve noticed the footprints approaching, almost as if they were materializing before her widened eyes.

Posted on Reddit by adgfbgc.

Forsaking Lilly

" Even the flowers are lied to." After the tragic death of her Father, Calla and her mother move to Texas for a fresh start.

Grieving, though her mother does not, Calla tries to make a home out of the ruins of her past one.

Thus Calla is thrown into the bustling small town of Mineral Wells.

There she meets new friends and starts a new life.

But all too soon things become not so happy and inviting as they once were.

Now Calla begins to see a mysterious girl at her every turn and even in her dreams.

As she searches for answers to these new budding mysteries, she faces strange encounters that seem to shake up her social life ( something she's never really dealt with before).

To add to the chaos, she must sift through her feeling for two boys who both seem hell bent on becoming apart of her life.

Just when Calla thinks she can handle no more, a murder sends the whole town for a trip.Join Calla in this shocking paranormal thriller as she struggles to balance her social life and sanity all while trying to answer questions long buried in Forsaking Lilly.

Forsaking Lilly on Wattpad

Ive always loved the sound of wind in my ears.

That was the last thing he said to me before he jumped from from his penthouse.

Posted on Reddit by A-LogicalRat.

The wind howled terribly that night.

It was almost loud enough to cover up her screams.

Posted on Reddit by Into_The_Void_We_Go.

Generation zero

Normal meets different in a world not so far off from ours 4 souls discover their true meaning becoming the masters of the unknown.

A novel full of romance, friendship and loss for those who indulge in worlds of secret identity and fighting crime this books for you.

Generation zero on Wattpad

I saw someone standing in the rice field dressed in all white wiggling like paper in the wind

Until I realized what I saw, it was too late

Posted on Reddit by The_Rareuser.

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