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Dogs would love it if dog food makers would put a toy in the bag like cereal..

That said...

Only someone who loves getting spooked will find the following toys stories and books more fun than freaky. What do you think?

"I'm sorry Williams," Santa said with a shake of the head, "but your toys just aren't meeting production standards, so I'm transferring you to the coal department."

The elf begged for mercy through his gag as the door of the kiln slammed shut.

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cat toy appeared out of absolutely nowhere

this happened a few years ago but i just remembered it as i was reading this thread.

this was a few years ago; i was hanging out doing homework in my room and had been sitting down for a while when i got up from my bed and saw a toy mouse just laying on the floor about ft from my bed. but we never had a cat or any pets in this house. i dont know how it just showed up there, especially because it wasnt there when i had entered the room before. we didnt have a cat and there was no way it couldve been in any of my things, closet, dresser, etc. my room was clean too so its not like it could have fallen from somewhere where i didnt realize it was. to this day i have no idea how it got there or what it means lol.

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Sweet Amelia

A creepy slightly Dr Who related thinghy for ya'll.

Hope you enjoy it.


Sweet Amelia on Wattpad

The house spirit's favorite toy

bookcase can only be turned on by touching the top right hinge, sometimes things on top or hanging off the side of the bookcase will move. There is no rhyme or reason to these occurrences, and sometimes it'll happen right in front of us. I finally caught it on camera.

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Woke up to cat toy rolling on the ground by itself

It happened right now. I was sleeping, with my cat sleeping on top of me, and I woke up to the sound of one of her toys - a ball with a rattle inside - rolling by itself on the ground of my bedroom. I have no other animals and my parents were asleep in their room. All the windows and doors were closed, it was around midnight here. I live in the th floor of a tall building. I've checked and there were no earthquakes registered here where I live. I've had her for years and something like this never happened before

Poltergeist or not?

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Fire Feather

When Nova Nightingale sets out to find her missing sister in her small town, she isn't expecting to uncover dangerous supernatural secrets that challenge her understanding of reality-and everything she knows.

Aurora Nightingale has been missing from Hell's Cove for three years.

Everyone assumes she's dead.

Everyone, that is, except for her younger sister, Nova.

So when Nova is approached by a beautiful and strange boy in the wood promising he can help her find her sister, she risks everything to strike a deal and find the truth.

But it might just get her more than she bargained for.

word count: ,-, words]]

Fire Feather on Wattpad

"One more time," my daughter squealed when her toy car finally made it out of the maze.

"Anything for you, darling," I crooned as I forced my victim to swallow another toy car so that my daughter could trace its path through the victim's exposed entrails.

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