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The Ashen Man

An Urban Legend turned true.

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Theory: Earth is NOT an Ant Farm OR Cosmic Zoo

EDIT: Read the comments, I explain more.

Consider this: Earth is NOT an ant farm OR a cosmic zoo. It's a bioengineering laboratory.

If we had the capability to create other sentient beings, we'd immediately outlaw it, same as we did for cloning. It stands to reason that other species might behave similarly. But, that doesn't mean ALL of them would abide the law, same as us.

It is generally believed by Earth scientists our star system is surrounded by the "Oort Cloud", a hypothetical (only because we haven't physically SEEN the objects there) sphere of 1012 objects like comets n such. That's quite a lot of material to block our tiny star's output from an outside perspective. Couple that with the theory that life is more likely to spring up CLOSER to the center of the galaxy where there is vastly more energy to consume and the fact that our system is on the backwater edge of the Orion Arm and it stands to reason we might actually be very difficult to spot in the skies of other worlds excepting by our transmissions which are still hundreds to tens of thousands of years away from reaching them. That makes right here a prime location to conduct illegal experiments without being noticed by anyone outside the system.

Could also be the answer to why there is a ridiculous level of diversity on this planet, even within the species themselves. And who would want their illegally made sentient beings to advance enough to get to the stellar level? Not the makers, they'll be busted and suffer whatever punishments there may be for such crimes in their society. It's a loss if that happens so they misinform us, keep us divided, and continually "stir the pot" down here to prevent us from unifying because only through unification can we advance further than the current stage.

Could also explain the multiple alien races if we consider that at least some of our makers were already caught. Perhaps THAT is the reason "Gods" no longer walk among us openly. Our makers didn't fear to back when, we are harmless to them, but their captors might adopt a "well they're sentient so we have to let them evolve naturally" kind of tone and keep themselves hidden. Makers still at large would also keep themselves hidden as to avoid detection by their captors.

But imagine as the benevolent captors you watch this species evolve RAPIDLY and get to a point where they have the capability to join you but are utterly wrecking their perfect world (which may be a rarity) faster than they're going to get to you. You'd want to help them but you cannot do it directly, so you find other ways; appearing in the sky, telepathic communication, influencing the influencers, etc. Your enemies adopt the same practices; hence Earth's legends of gods and mythical creatures that suspiciously are all similar to one another despite these cultures having no contact.

Kinda makes a little too much sense to me, especially when reading ancient mythologies. The Sumerians, Hindus, and Abrahamic religions (and I'm sure others) speak of wars between the gods. To me it's almost like The Seven Tablets and Mahabharata are from the perspective of the "gods" and The Torah, The Bible, and The Quran are from the perspective of Earth humans. The Egyptian and Greek mythologies also tell similaridentical stories and the mythologies of the Americas seem to line up to key parts in the stories from across the world such as when "gods" were banished in Mesopotamia and arrive in the Americas to start a new civilization.

It's a lot to get into; thoughts?

Posted on Reddit by MahlonMurder.

As I watched the tornado barrel down the field of my grandfather's farm, faster, faster, faster, I realized just how stupid I had been to think I could outrun it to the safety of my family's old cellar.

But as I made a sharp turn, feet sliding and slipping in the mud, the tornado sharply turned with me, and I realized, with a chill down my spine, that it wasn't just picking up speed--it was hunting.

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The Two That Killed My Parents .... And Me (Short Story)

In 1925 My parents were murdered in their backcountry home for a secret they've been keeping from the town of Fleet.

A secret that no one should have to keep in the first place.

10 IN SOUTHERN SHORT STORY [8000 words] Disclosure, this book contains subject matter of racism that may offend people This will be published in the back of Beckys Game when it's released in paperback (Read This after your finished Beckys Game )

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What if Earth is a consciousness farm?

What if even the most advanced technologies cannot create an immortal consciousness and earth is being used as a biological process to grow and farm them for some ultimate other purpose?

Posted on Reddit by East_Finger_1411.

One day, a bunch of children were playing on a farm.

Later the day, the farmer saw a doll floating in the slurry pit.

Posted on Reddit by TailaBlu.

Fire Feather

When Nova Nightingale sets out to find her missing sister in her small town, she isn't expecting to uncover dangerous supernatural secrets that challenge her understanding of reality-and everything she knows.

Aurora Nightingale has been missing from Hell's Cove for three years.

Everyone assumes she's dead.

Everyone, that is, except for her younger sister, Nova.

So when Nova is approached by a beautiful and strange boy in the wood promising he can help her find her sister, she risks everything to strike a deal and find the truth.

But it might just get her more than she bargained for.

word count: 80,000-90,000 words]]

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Old Mcdonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o.

And on the farm he bred humans like farm animals and used their meat to made cheeseburger in his fast food restaurants, e-i-ei-o.

Posted on Reddit by NervousNSman.

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