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Ive teleported 2 different times.

First time -

I was in Ecuador and one evening I decided to climb a mountain on the edge of the city of Guayaquil. I rode my skateboard to the base and started climbing straight up the mountain (no trails just B line to the top). About halfway up I set my skateboard and bag next to a large rock as it was steep and I needed both hands. once I got to the top I saw another part of the city straight ahead (in the same direction I was climbing up but would have to descend in that direction) so I decided to go check out that part of the city. I descend straight down towards the city on the opposite side of what I climbed and as Im descending I see my skateboard and bag sitting by the rock! Somehow I climbed straight up a mountain and tried to go straight down the other side but ended up back on the side I climbed up. It was literally a straight line there is no possible way I could have ended up on the same side of the mountain it was like I was in a video game and reached the edge of the map so it respawns me back to a checkpoint (where my board was).

Second time-

Im in Phoenix AZ riding my bike. Im on Thomas road near 19th avenue where you can see the encanto golf course and I stop to take a sip of my water. I resume riding my bike towards 12th avenue where my airbnb is and after a maximum of 5 minutes riding I notice the road sign numbers are going up not down and they are now street instead of avenue I see that I am now on Thomas road and approaching 44th street! Somehow I road 63 blocks in 5 minutes and was a whole 56 blocks past my Airbnb! I had been riding for a long time that day and couldnt believe I was going to have to ride ALLL the way back to 12th avenue so j pulled into the Burger King and called an Uber Xl and threw my bike in the back and it was a 9 minute car ride home! This completely blew my mind and I thought I had a stroke or something but my phones clock had only ticked a few minutes since my water break by the golf course

Posted on Reddit by jlomain97.

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My Airbnb experience

I surprised my girlfriend with a trip to Cincinnati to see the Newport aquarium last week.

I really wanted to get out of my parents house so I booked an airbnb somewhere on the edge of town for the weekend. The pictures of the apartment seemed nice and we were both excited to see the town as well as have a weekend to ourselves.

When we arrived we were a little bummed about the state of our accommodation. Aside from the trash unemptied by the last residents, it was clear that the hosts had been very specific about the pictures they had posted online. The apartment was obviously very old, as well as empty. It was bare of furniture except for the essential bed, couch and modest kitchen appliances.

I did a full inspection of the apartment, including spot checking the bed for bedbugs, making sure there was no mold, checking the locks, ex.

Lastly I came around the the bathroom which was in desperate need of a remodeling. The shower had stains, the toilet hardly flushed. And the sink barely had any water pressure, it was clear we had definitely not been sold on a weekend stay in paradise.

After day one of exploring the town was over, we were both tired and had climbed into bed. After about an hour of tossing I realized I had to use the restroom, and this is where things got creepy.

I sat down on the toilet and pulled out my phone to scroll through instagram when I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye.

I looked up from the screen and noticed the bathroom door had opened and was slowly moving till it came to a creaking halt against the shower curtain. I froze for a minute to collect my thoughts and dismissed the incident as a draft moving through. I was sold on that idea till I realized that the shower was now on. The loud noise of the water rushing out of the tap petrified me. On the toilet with my pants around my ankles I was truly frightened, glued to the seat in terror, I will admit I froze like a coward, I didn't know what to do. After maybe 7 or so seconds I got up and turned the dial on the shower. Terrified I went back to my room and closed and locked the door. My girlfriend who had slept through this whole event was suddenly awoken by my haste to close the door and I explained to her the whole story. my mind was racing for the entire night, I never took my eyes off the door and i buried myself in bed and covered my ears to block off all possibilities of something happening again. Or at least me hearing it.

I made it through the night and investigated when the sun gave me the courage in the morning. I had left the door open, forgot to flush, and the tap was still dripping in my attempt to flee the scene quickly. I have no excuse for why the shower turned on. And I think now after 20 years of being alive, I'm now a believer in the things we can't see among us.

Posted on Reddit by uknowlega.

Coworkers ghost story

My coworker was vacationing in New Orleans last weekend and she was staying in an AirBnb and her 2 year old son was playing in the kitchen by the back door and all of a sudden he stops and starts screaming NO OPEN DOOR NO OPEN DOOR and she runs to go look and hes hiding around the corner staring at the back door. She looks at the door and no one is there. Her son looks at her and says Mommy no open door no open door with a scared look on his face. She told him no one was there and he looked at the door and then walked away.

Posted on Reddit by BlurryBandito21_.

Haunted Airbnb in London

Two years ago we were in London for New Years Eve. Long story short, our Airbnb was haunted.

The apartment is actually beautiful, and looks very much the opposite of creepy. It's modern, well decorated and bright, due to the big windows. The only thing that creeped us all out was this creepy sketch that was mounted by the front door. It's a black and white sketch of a small child, hiding in a doorway. He or she has black eyes. The child is peeking through the doorway, with half its face covered in shadows.

I actually have the photo here:

[www.yourtravelflamingo.comcreepiest-experiences-ive-had-while-traveling](don't know how to copy and paste it onto this post, sorry)

As you can see, it's just an eerie unsettling sight. I don't know why anyone would choose this for their home decor, let alone for hospitality purposes. We all seemed to have the same idea, and voiced our dislike for that sketch to each other immediately. We thought the owner must be a bit of a weirdo, but quickly forgot about it as we had more important affairs, like deciding which pub to go to that night.

Around 9 pm, we headed out for the night. I was the one to lock up that night. I specifically remember closing the door, and locking up as usual. Nothing more or unusual there, which is why what happened creeps me the F out.

We got home around 3 am that night, a bit tipsy but not incoherent. My guy friend was in front of me, so I handed him the key to open the door. He struggled for several seconds, to which I mentally blamed on his alcohol consumption. More time goes by and he still can't get in. Time passes, and he ends up throwing his left shoulder into the door a couple times until it finally busted open.

The initial scene brought a wave of confusion. The doorframe had broken off the wall completely and was now hanging in midair. It had been yanked clearly from the wall, attached to the now open door by the door chain. That's when I realized that he was struggling to open the door because it was chained shut. The first few seconds were of silent confusion, but then I realized what was wrong.

The door chain had been chained from the inside, while we were out. But, how? There is no way the chain could have been locked from the outside (something we experimented in the days to come and can verify), and since I was the one to lock the door, I knew for a fact I didn't touch that chain.

This chain was heavy and thick. It's not something you can try to convince yourself was somehow attached to the door by the wind, or anything rational. Someone, or something had to pick it up and carefully slide it into the lock.

Our initial thought was that someone must be in our apartment. My guy friend went ahead and checked the small apartment. It didn't take long for him to announce that there was no one there.

Our place was on an upper floor, in a glass building with windows that don't open. There's just no way someone could have gotten in except through the front door. They would have to remove the chain to get back out the front door. This didn't add up.

I remember the feeling of panic and dread setting in. I was feeling extremely uneasy, and I just could not bring myself to look at that creepy sketch by the door.

Out of fear, we lingered by the door a while, all afraid to enter the apartment. After some time, we gave in and went into the living room. I was grateful; the feeling in the hallway was becoming unbearable, like something sinister was watching us the whole time.

That night, we drank ourselves to sleep. We slept together, probably with the lights on. It wasn't until after the trip was over, that I told my friends my feelings towards that sketch. And how I always felt like something was watching me in the hallway by the door. It seemed they all felt the same way, although half of them don't believe in the paranormal. Or they didn't before. I think that changed after that night.

I emailed the landlord, and he just dismissed the story in a roundabout way. I sort of accused him that there was a way someone could have gotten into the apartment while we were gone. He assured me, there was no way.

The listing isn't on airbnb or booking anymore, but I found it here:

[anyone has stayed here or has any ideas what this was, please share your thoughts. It's hard to ignore these things when 4 people were witnesses. I just want to understand.

Also, if you're interested, I have more scary stories from my travels that I wrote about here:


Posted on Reddit by yourtravelflamingo.

Saw the same couple in 2 places at one time.

The title is a bit misleading because I didnt see these people in different places simultaneously, but rather maybe a minute between the sightings. So heres the story: a few years ago my fiancee (who was then my gf) and I took a trip to Washington DC for a 3 day weekend. We dedicated one of those days to taking a train from DC to Baltimore, and exploring Baltimore on foot, eventually taking a train back to DC that night where our Airbnb was. We were walking around Baltimores waterfront and ended up going up into an observation deck at the top of a building right along the harbor. We stayed up there for about a half hour and eventually made our way to the elevator to leave. From my recollection, theres only a single elevator used to usher people from the buildings lobby to the top and back down again. The elevator came, and when the doors opened we were replacing a couple who had just come up from the lobby to check out the views. We took the elevator down alone and walked out of the building back out to the harbor, and no less than 10 feet ahead of us was the same exact couple we just passed in the tower. They were sitting on a bench along the boardwalk minding their own business and didnt seem to notice me staring at them. I pointed them out to my gf, and she confirmed to me that it was the same people we just saw approximately a minute prior at the top of the building. We were both confused and a little shocked, but ultimately chalked it up to us just seeing a couple that was coincidentally similar in appearance. Im not 100 convinced of that reasoning but theres really no other logical explanation for what we both experienced. I still bring this up from time to time because we find it funny but a little disconcerting.

Posted on Reddit by bknighter16.

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