Odd Nugget koloyolo

Agile vocals spin and dance atop a lightly spun thread of silken tones in KoloYolo’s exotic tune “Georgia”.

It’s a seat in the forest. It’s a view from above. This song is pretty easy to love.

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Just give me your hand.

And I will take you away…

To a far-off land.

KoloYolo completely captivate throughout this moving mirage of a song.

Amid pulled shouts and lyrical guitar lines, a mood is made. Dry strings scatter mellifluous notes to the breeze. Hand-sounded drums pitter-patter at an excited heart’s pace, and bass with choice placement beefs up the bottom end. Lovely sung sounds mesh in the music with the dynamic charm of a fine-tuned instrument intoned by a master.

koloyolo georgia

“Georgia” needs no words to weave wonder of sound. It’s enchantingly eclectic stuff, conjuring image after image in its short run-time with each jazzy turn of tune.

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