Kollin Reynolds Shows Us "All That Shines" in Smooth New Number

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Sub-zero jazz with a drizzling of soul, superb... Kollin Reynolds cruises, crooning, to a chill destination in "All That Shines".

Groovy as they come, this song sings it back better than Moloko and takes us back further than Mariah's "I'm That Chick".

Fever in the night...

Heated in the dark... Step out into light.

Pull shadows apart.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"I want you to see what it is... What it can be."

Smokey Robinson parallels jump out in the vocals as high notes hug the spectrum in "All That Shines".

Kollin kills it in this smooth, moving tune. Mellow piano tones dissolve under sonic stars, resplendent. It's the sound of night time under city lights, of streetlights pulsing by behind foggy car windows. Organic bass lines and bracing beat drops bring the dancer out in you.


Lyrics give us a glimpse of indecision's inner-workings within a relationship. Two sides of a single coin commingle in an amorous tug-of-war.

There's no need to fight the feeling. This song is tight and it'd be a shame to pass up a listening opportunity. Press play and get with it.

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