Kitty O'Neal Comes Around "Without a Sound"


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Smooth, watery guitar and airy vocals pool in Kitty O'Neal's "Without a Sound".

3rd track on her lush new album "Giving in to You," this song shows off everything O'Neal's music makes use of. Soft strings, gentle singing and shifting dynamics...

"I can't let it go..."

Hanging by a thread, the world spirals beneath you.

Air above seems weighted. Your breath is baited.

A snap, a rush and flush with fear... You're falling. All this for a kiss.


"You are my outside looking in."

Dynamic flourishes a-la Florence + the Machine meet Wolf Alice-esque soft rock in "Without a Sound". Kitty creates an intimate, moving atmosphere in her music with a full, yet open arrangement.

There's a lovely liquid feel to this tune, due in large part to the guitar work. Vocally, Kitty fits right in, calm and collected in poetic anguish.

A jazz vibe permeates "Without a Sound" as well. It's all in the rhythm. Taps and rimshots snap and clang in all the right moments, then recede when less is needed. Neat.

This is a great song to kick back and appreciate, as is the full album "Giving in to You". Give it a go and let go.

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