Kitewinder's FLying Generator "Kiwee One"

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Wind energy has long been considered an expensive and space consuming option to make use of for general purposes. Wind turbines are big after all...

But, Kitewinder's innovative step in the space's development has opened up a new window for energy creation, and flown a kite out of it. Meet "Kiwee One".


"[Kiwee One is] A kite wind turbine allowing [you] to harvest high-altitude wind energy anywhere."

The company's first product, known as "Kiwee One", is an airborne, kite-based energy generating turbine built with the nomads among us in mind.

This kite kit they currently have on offer takes advantage of high-altitude winds through a durable, weatherproof design, converting knots to watts with no assembly required. Nice. Expect a standard 220v/100watts output under normal conditions.

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