Killer Kishi in Angola

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The horrifying Kishi demon in Angola has two faces - one to woo and another to chew.

It is said that the Angolan demon known as a Kishi has both an attractive human face and, on its back, the face of a ravenous hyena. Unfortunately, clothing choice limitations aside, the hyena face isn't attached to laugh at the human face's jokes...

He who goes to Our Lady of Muxima with an evil heart risks being drowned crossing the river to get there.

- Angolan Proverb

Kishi Demon T-Shirt
Kishi Demon T-Shirt
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When Kishi encounter human women, they woo them with the charm of their attractive human face, only to eat them up one ragged bite at a time with their hidden hyena.

Instead of getting to second base, the unwitting woman gets a second face ready to tear her apart. How's that for a change of heart?

Spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta)

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