Kevin Courtois Sizzles With "Settle"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Tentative touches on piano and butter-smooth singing skip hand-in-hand to Summer sorrow in Kevin Courtois's new tune "Settle."

"Settle" stirs the soul, wets the eyes and induces some strong nostalgia on every listen. Enrapturing is its drama. Inescapable is its appeal.

"You found someone special..."

Floating over crystal surf, you see sun through eyelids.

Wind brushes over and waves are mere ripples at your sides.

Cool air, cool water, cool mind... You've almost forgotten...

Wet feet clap your skin as a gull descends. You remember.

"Whatever you want to do..."

Otherworldly cello swells pulsate over the intro then part for vocals.

The chorus in a song like this can seem out of place, but this one carves out a place of its own.

Clicking steel drums clank out loose island melody and rhythm. Like dancing over sand and shells...

Odd Nugget Soc-done

Notably, each percussive element in "Settle" comes together to marvelous effect. Finger snaps tap the temple, boxy bass drums plod the foundation and trap snares trip into unison front and center.

More Summer sounds to get excited about here! Settle into "Settle" and ease into the season.

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