Ken Wilber Wonders What Would Happen "If I Was a House"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Pure pride and a pint of country color make Ken Wilber's "If I Was a House" a mighty enjoyable track.

Evocative and mellow, this tune takes over your mood just as tide takes after the moon.

Bright in day...

It dawns at night. That a day worth keeping...

Will still go by.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"If I was a house, I'd be a double wide."

Ken Wilber contemplates the pleasures of a peaceful life in the country throughout this song, bringing us along on a journey over river and road.

Brassy notes bang at this song's intro, opening up into a buzzing, humming, wholesome country rock soundscape. The mix moves as a river over flat ground - there's no rush, yet no stopping. Guitars trace space around a steady kick and snare shots shimmer in echoing ecstasy.


Purest appreciation for a place, a time, a life... Ken creates and cultivates an air of gratitude in "If I Was a House," describing an idyllic take on living in the US.

For enough upbeat energy to end a night and raise a new day on, give this tune a go. Just play the video below.

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