Kayam Will Center Your Soul In "Intro"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Instrumental magic moves on and around a sea of sound in Kayam's killer new tune "Intro".

This track is a meditative trance broken only briefly by its own swelling intensity.

Be mindful of your mind.

Crowd cares in the attic. Wash worries down the drain.

Save pain for another time.

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Trip hop tones travel unhindered over air as Kayam create melody from expression, raw, in "Intro".

Fingertips flit and dance across strings, striking a chord half-way between clarity and confusion. Knuckles rap at an instrument's body, assuring us of safe passage with each knock on wood. Effects color guitar strings an uneven hue of here and gone again, while wordless vocals free themselves over the mix.

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Not a word spoken, yet a myriad understood... "Intro" implies a great many things through interpretive tones.

"Intro" is a tune you can take your time with. Kick back and relax as it swallows you up. And don't miss the dancing hands in the song's surreal video below.

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