Katy Hurt's "Natchez" Will Snatch Your Heart Away

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Katy Hurt's dulcet vocal delivery in "Natchez" moves sonic mist over ambient pads and country guitar chords.

"Natchez" plays like a musical memento of love lost for good. Heartbreak sold as a sweet souvenir...

No cold can warm you. No warmth can chill.

You feel as you always have... No better, no worse...

But a warm heart, chilled, can kill.


"There are moments when I regret leaving..."

Rocky relationships come up in song as no surprise. Katy's take on such scenarios in "Natchez" breathes fresh air into the experience. Let go; we all have to, eventually.

Katy's singing proves the efficacy of vocal dynamics in music beyond any shade of doubt. With pearly tones, restrained, she flies close to the heart. In high-flying fits of melisma, her voice peals like soft, liquid lightning. Her performance is alive and makes you feel so as well.

Drawing fitting parallels to a terrible fire loathe to die out, Hurt stokes your mind's eye to sputtering, crackling contemplation. Contemplation of life after love... Of love that lingers on...

There's no use in avoiding this track if soft, sweet country music is your thing. If it's not, then listen to "Natchez" and it will be.

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