Katie Marshall's "Love You Less" Will Make You Love Her More

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A swirl of sonic chroma drowns you in sound throughout Katie Marshall's new tune "Love You Less".

A lovesick ballad sweetened with melancholy country sounds, this track pulls hard at your heartstrings.


Love and a heartbreak...

Heart and hopeful memory...

The future is passed.

katie marshall love

"If you've got a better way, let it show..."

Katie Marshall "Love You Less"

Honestly, I had a hard year. I wrote a bunch of songs about my hard year.

I wrote songs about the kind of love that makes your stomach flip, and love that makes you flip inside out: raw and vulnerable and sometimes broken.

- Katie Marshall

Filtered drums punctuate a wishy-washy flood of notes, melodious, as a rubber bass line leads the way, winding. Acoustic guitar strings press through the mix like oars to water as poetic realization sets in, and effects ripple with audible effervescence. You're in white water now.

katie marshall

Katie pulls you into a sentimental narrative in "Love You Less," spicing sadness with smiles. The feel is real, the style enigmatic.

"Love You Less" is an easy song to appreciate, littered as it is with loving intentions and laced with mellifluous creativity.

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