Karma Knows Comes Closer in "Come Our Way"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Up close and personal, Karma Knows taps your eardrums in his latest release "Come Our Way".

Urban chill treads over trap to excellent effect in this tune.

"It ain't a phase..."

Haze. The room is cloudy with a chance of alcohol.

All you remember is being here. All you make out are the lights.

Music so loud you're lost in it... Time takes a detour.

Lit. It's time to make time for this.

Odd Nugget S-done

"...I done did it..."

Buried bass and brittle piano keys collide and collapse beneath Karma's heavy flow in "Come Our Way".

Languid lines lean up against the beat come each chorus. It's all slow mo and low-fi low-riding rhythm. The verses are verbose; sporadic spitting over a halting beat.

All too often, minimal music like this can end up as background stuff. Foreground sound is the minimum for "Come Our Way". It's a relaxing banger if there ever was one.

You don't have to move a muscle. "Come Our Way" will meet you where you are and blow you away. Listen and enjoy.

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