Kaine Francesco's "Catching Fire" Will Warm Your Soul

Odd kaine francesco

Kaine Francesco ignites the senses in new tune "Catching Fire," breathing sonic sparks to flaming focus with dramatic force.

Halting tonality haunts and serenades simultaneously as this song ensnares you.


You're just like a moth.

Your wings are always flapping.

Over flames, lapping.

Odd Nugget kaine

"I like catching fire. I know you won't tell."

Kaine Francesco draws you into a thought in mid-evolution throughout "Catching Fire".

Key tones condense in an echo-chamber under rhapsodic lines. Reddest red and gold appear in the mind's eye at each chorus - a compelling case of chromesthesia, warm to the touch. Kaine echoes in a chant, chilling, as violin swells and arpeggios permeate the soundscape, contributing to a mounting sense of tension that vanishes, etheric, at the end.

catching fire kaine

Kaine keeps you glued to your speakers throughout "Catching Fire," relating a poetic narrative with the intensity of a slow-mo movie scene.

"Catching Fire" is smooth, warm and wonderful. One listen... You'll lose your mind, your heart, the rest of the songs on your playlist, perhaps. Press play and let it happen.

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