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A brilliant ballad drizzled as rain over sparse trip hop beats breaks monotony in Kaine Francesco’s “Lovely People”.

Voice in a cloud… Love in the air… Francesco takes you there and beyond in a billowy fog of feels.

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Touched by a moment…

Lost with the words… You hold your heart open.

And you reach out for hers.


“…I’d tell you a joke, but it wouldn’t be funny.”

Like Massive Attack made to melt over raw emotion… Kaine’s musical creation “Lovely People” leads you by the heart to love seen through a lens of timeless anticipation.


The verses in this song seem like thoughts cast through an open window. They’re the in-between bits of a predominantly relaxing track, gently carrying us over endless expanses of meaning like a raft over still water with a world beneath the surface.

Distant hills pull in close on the heels of echoing notes in “Lovely People”, come each chorus. Keys caress tonality in time with a kick, taking over with elemental energy at every side of Kaine’s centered singing. It’s dynamic, yet down to Earth.

For a surefire shot at winding down, turn this song on and relax. It’s a lovely track.

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