KAHLLA's "Small" is Big, Bold and Bright

Odd Nugget Social-done

KAHLLA's "Small" is no small success, setting layers of melody on sonic canvas, all color and composure.

Like a little voice voicing concerns from a quiet corner of the mind, KAHLLA creates and calms tension to a soft-tempo tune.

Signed sincerely, suffering...

You draw in the old. You scribble out the new.

Then seal up hope in an envelope.


"Are you on my side? Because I can't tell."

"Small" is deep and dulcet, developing a full soundspace from a smattering of melodic elements. KAHLLA breathes a ballad, affective, over smooth harmonic backing.

Damp snare taps drip under lush, lasting key tones. KAHLLA's voice splits and spreads, choral, to the farthest reaches of the mix. Dynamics build to broad, sweeping swaths of sound, yet sustain the song's insistently soft vibes. Very nice...


"Small" is self-doubt and reflective silence distilled to song. It's a rainy scene seen from a wet windowsill.

For a beautiful break from the mundane, make "Small" a priority on your must-listen list. It's bliss.

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