JYLDA Gets Groovy for Real with "Reeled"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

An unruly sound experiment bubbles and pops in JYLDA's "Reeled".

Lucid listening material with a load of lush synths to satisfy... This track is a true path through the unknown.

Where are you from?

Where have you been? When you think you're done...

Is when you begin.

Odd Nugge-hecho

"Expectations were big and my dreams were too."

JYLDA traipses on stepping stones of nostalgia in her house-heavy bop "Reeled". A metaphor for change, this tune morphs along its play time from party ballad to acidic groove track.

Gentle groove greets and beckons, bringing us ever closer - closer than a thought, thoughts surrounding, encircling the senses. Limpid synths absorb and exude sonic warmth with unsettled sound signatures. When the mix melts to bass-driven purity, percussion takes over, frenzying the song's feel.

Odd Nug-hecho

A lifestyle left... A lifestyle lost on return. JYLDA wonders where her world went away to over pulsating party beats. The answer is an implication, ambiguous. Ways once parted seldom meet again.

Steeped in strong groove, this tune gives you all the pleasure of a party in a compact format. Coupled with deeper lyrical content than your typical house piece, "Reeled" should rank high on your must-hear list. Listen.

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