JYLDA and Marino Arcaro Unveil Emotion in "Guard"

JYLDA marino arcaro odd nugget

JYLDA offers us dissonant delight in an enchantingly dark new tune.

"Guard" will catch you off guard.


Pierce through my stone shell.

Crack open my hidden heart.

Finally, I'm free.

JYLDA guard quote

"Rip down this guard of mine."

JYLDA and Marino Arcaro cast aside pop conventions to explore the genre's expressive periphery in "Guard".

"Guard is different to me from anything I've ever written before. I wanted to capture the feeling just before opening up to someone. The deep fear of it and driving urge and joy to do so. The sensation of being weak while doing something that requires so much strength. The music reflects this; you can hear caution and you can hear audacity."


Keys thunder. Space rings. Words echo, windy. JYLDA beseeches in harrowing harmony, spilling spine-chilling melody over reverberant depths. Extra-terrestrial vocal alterations match up with mesmerizing shifts in tonal progression, taking you to the farthest reaches of consciousness and back with buttery smooth kinesis.


"Guard" gives glimpses of a fractured front, walls crumbling from within as inner divinity makes itself known. It's sentimental minimalism at its most immaculate.

JYLDA and Marino Arcaro's "Guard" travels experimental sonic terrain with head in clouds and heart in hand. If you're up for something as deeply meaningful as it is avant guarde, then this track is for you.

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