Juvenal Maze Finds Feels "In A Place" and Puts Them to Tune

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Juicy tunes sweetened with soul... Juvenal Maze's "In A Place" is hip hop sound sipped in a dim, glitchy cocktail lounge.

This track is smooth as jazz, but big as an open expanse raked with wind.

Love as a reflection...

Mirror for the soul and neutral... It's you in unison.

You see yourself and move with it.

Odd Nugget Socia-hecho

"Somehow, I fell too deep. Now you are all I see."

Juvenal Maze makes a musical mirage of "In A Place," pulling tones this way and that to formless form and palpable sound.

Piano keys coalesce and collapse into lapsing immateriality at the intro. The spectrum swerves at each sound. Calm vocals spill emotions over icy chilled vibes. Deep, buzzy bass hum holds harmony hostage as clicks click and taps tap.


Fear of falling... Lyrics allude to an attempt at arresting a tumultuous tumble headlong into love. "In A Place" processes the issues of giving after getting and growing without forgetting, tapering such thoughts at length into love.

If you're up for a very chill experience, then this tune is the one for you. Press play and stay frosty.

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