Juvenal Maze Does Away With All "Drama"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Eerie tones splinter and splay to transcendent lyrics in Juvenal Maze's "Drama".

Juvenal Maze leaves rainy days and dismay behind for peace of mind in this mellow rap track.

Back away from it.

No lessons learned, no fortune earned.

Meet a brighter day, sunlit.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"I avoid 'em like cancer. Send 'em back just like karma."

Life is looking up for Juvenal Maze in "Drama," but the crabs in the bucket below try to harsh his flow. With each line he lets loose, he also lets go.

Billowy bass lines lose ground to a sharp, quick kick. Vocals glide on minimal trappings, climbing side-panned snaps to a sonic summit. Lapsing tones shimmer and fade with intervallic insistence, borrowing mood from an ocean's blues.


Money makes a mountain and throne at its tip in "Drama" as Juvenal Maze gazes down on the haters and fire-starters.

If you're over the petty ish and up for a bright future not too far-flung, then this track will speak to you. Enjoy the uplifting vibes with a press of play.

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