Julez Has Made a "New Connection"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Raw rock and retro roll blend into exotic melody in Julez's "New Connection".

Hard, fast and familiar, yet full of feeling the way it is... "New Connection" makes old-school new indeed.

"I need a new connection."

Poised at sand dune's crest, you rest. Waiting for a storm.

Sand begins to whirl as winds whistle into action.

Beetles buzz from dunes to air on iridescent wings. You sing as yours pick you up as well.


"...Keep myself alive."

Julez makes ample use of high octane vibes and classic rock energy in "New Connection". The result is a jumping track with lots of melodic lines, like Blondie's "Call Me", but faster and fiercer.

Overall, it's straight-ahead rock and roll with a splash of soul, but there's a nice new tinge to Julez's approach that separates it from the pack. Particularly, it's the harmony involved that amplifies "New Connection's" impact.

Julez goes to pleasantly peculiar places with "New Connection's" instrumental melody throughout the song. Nearing its end, sitar sounds and synths take over for an esoteric Egyptian outro.

You need to hear this one to get it. It's good, so get to it.

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