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Jules Verne, notorious French writer credited alongside the likes of H.G. Wells and Hugo Gernsback with the creation of the science fiction genre in literature, led a surprisingly tame life.

At least, he traveled a lot less than his iconic adventure novels might suggest.


After an ill-fated 'adventure' of his own, aged 11, that ended in his receiving a solid beating from his father, he vowed never to travel again.


Ill-fate kept up with the growing young Verne as he retreated into fantasies of flight and travel after being romantically rejected by his cousin.

Different times...


A brief stint as a lawyer in study came crashing down when Verne set his sites unwaveringly on writing. His domineering father wasn't pleased, but Jules was willing to endure decades of poverty to pursue his dream.


His father later came to his aid in making marriage a possibility for the impoverished Verne; dowries being beyond his means at the time.

From 29 to nearly 35 he'd labor on with little success as an author and ongoing depression.


Everything changed when Jules met Jules; that is, Jules Hetzel, a major publisher at the time who loved Verne's manuscript for a balloon-based adventure story.

He instructed Verne to combine his scientific fascination with his love of literature to make the story a success. He did and it was.


Many groundbreaking stories would follow and Verne's poverty would be no more.

Now, we have novels of his such as "Around the World in Eighty Days," "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and "Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" to read and enjoy.


All manner of scientific adventure dreamed up by a man who seldom left his city of residence...

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