Joy Lynn Will Make You Feel "Like Christmas"

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Gentle as a dream, Joy Lynn's new song "Like Christmas" comes just in time to shine this holiday season.

Full of festive feels, this tune drops the tempo to a stroll and lifts your spirits cloud-high.

How do you know it's winter?

Icy chill and dusted hill...

Silent nights where nothing stirs...

Or is it just the way you feel?


"Blinking red, blue and white..."

Lofty as a wafting lullaby, "Like Christmas" lingers on notes and nuance as Joy nestles into the season's chill warmth.

This song sounds like Christmas Eve; restless, rosy and serene, waiting for day to dawn. Glistening guitar notes give off an ethereal feel under close, intimate vocals, as piano keys curtail the quiet spaces in between.

There's care and cool air in there somewhere. It's the sound of cinnamon and sweets by a crackling fireside. Joy Lynn breathes all the subtleties of the season into this tune and it's a true pleasure to hear.

Feeling like Christmas is as easy as listening to "Like Christmas". Give it a try.

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