jonfin's "Tomorrow" is Bound to Be Your Favorite Song of the Day

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Mellow in mood and modest in approach, jonfin's "Tomorrow" tiptoes into earshot today.

Guitars spill glowing tones over sharp drums and lyrics allude to daydreaming on the daily.

Your open heart hurts...

For homestuck memories. Forgotten melodies...

And play without work.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"You'll find me here tomorrow, right where I am."

"Tomorrow" is tinged with an upbeat brand of melancholy, unshakably serene and seriously addictive. We follow jonfin around the house as they play the day away. You'll kinda want to stay.

Melodic rhythm spreads to a sparse scattering at every verse as languid vocals wave like hands in still water. Doused tones slip between drum beats after each chorus, moistening mid-spectrum sounds with Summery harmony. Dynamics lead us up and down


Cozy, carefree considerations quell and dispel drama, dropping worries at the curb. As if on an auditory quest for complete relaxation, jonfin melt melody to a mix of lush timbre and laid-back resolve, dissolved.

Easygoing indie rock vibes, fuzzy with nostalgia, pervade "Tomorrow," taking us to a time not long ago, yet distant enough to be hazy. Play it and you'll see.

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