Jolé's New Single Is Actually "All I Need"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Downy vocals in a sea of sonic stars, Jolé's dreamy new tune "All I Need" envelops and astounds.

Polished to a reflective sheen, this song shines lustrous as a lake in moonlight.

You know who.

Do you know you? Find yourself, in another...

Across the room.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"Your love is a burning star, a burning star that surrounds me..."

Equal parts smooth soliloquy and boomy bass-beat mix to sonic succulence in "All I Need". It's mellow as melting morning light and moving as motion itself.

Vocals ignite in darkness, electrifying an expanding soundscape of chirps and plucks. Strings abrade the mix's edges and recede to accommodate charismatic kicks over bass tones.


"All I Need" inhabits its own atmosphere, an atmosphere of trust and calm. Jolé draws us into tranquility, then surrounds us in sound. Rocky feels fall apart and stresses decompress in his presence. It sounds like rest, assured.

Take some time to take in this tune. It's a lovely way to end a day. Do press play.

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