Join the Solar Eclipse August 21st Peace Meditation


With the coming of tomorrow's solar eclipse arrives a novel chance to connect with many others on the level of spirit.

Thanks to the efforts of a global decentralized group of lightworkers, a worldwide meditation will be held tomorrow (August 21) in the hopes of opening a portal of enlightenment for all.

Interesting stuff.

Joining in on the coming meditation is as easy as setting aside 15 minutes of your time to sit in silence.


Perhaps a bit too much to ask of most in our high-strung society, but hardly a tall order to fill.

The meditation is set to take place at 11:11 AM Pacific Time, so you'll need to set your clock if you're in another area. More information about participating in the event can be found on the official site here.

We were given details on the event's history and impact by one of the event's organizers.

Check it all out below and join in for a chance at changing the world. All you need is an open mind. :)


The first of these meditations was put together in 2013 with the intention of ending the outbreak of violence in Egypt in 2013.

The event got the attention of major Brazilian reggae band "Natiruts," who included a short invocation of light for Egypt in their concert in Brasilia on July 27th.

The meditation was a huge success - reaching "critical mass" of participants (over 144k around the world).

Effects of the initiative were alleged to be the prevention of a military invasion in Siria at the time. This link was provided as proof of this effect.


Another meditation event was held in November for portal-opening purposes and it too reached its goal of 144k simultaneous meditators.

Soon after, yet another meditation event was held. This time, a healing meditation for Kongo and the area in which a

brutal genocide had been staged in the 90s.

This event surpassed its goal by quite a bit, with a reported 200k meditators engaged.


Finally, a meditation event was put together to ease tension in Syria after the unfounded attack from the U.S.

Alleged cyber attacks were launched against members of the initiative this time in an attempt to keep them from spreading the message.


Though it's hard to say what sort of effect can be anticipated from joining in on this meditation event, it can't hurt to still the mind a moment and relax a bit.

We may even avert WW3!

You can learn more about this initiative here.



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