Joe Ramsey Shows Us "Shelter" in Suave New Tune

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Guitars strum chords, gilded, under amorous declarations, melodic, in Joe Ramsey's sweet new song "Shelter".

Soft as a downy dream and light as an uplifting breeze, "Shelter" sends your senses soaring.

Shoehorned and sealed inside...

Pride is a curse. Fear is a given.

To live in a world without love is to give in.


"I want to be the one you think of when you're sober..."

Open as an expansive vista and very, very grounded... Joe's "Shelter" shudders in shimmering guitar tones.

"Shelter" is like water. It whistles high in the spectrum with wind-whipped harmony. Its chords crash as crested waves and spread, sandy, to soak the soul in sound. Choruses caress each verse - shore and sea singing, seamless.


Strength in the face of uncertainty sounds simple and sweet in "Shelter". Life and love's silver linings stand soft in hand, but steady as "Shelter's" insistent rhythmic sway. We all must make our own way.

You don't need to love alternative indie rock to fall for this lovely listen. So listen and let go.

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