Jessica Meuse's "Thank God it Didn't Work" Is Country Confection

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Heartbreak on ice comes up against gratitude in Jessica Meuse's "Thank God It Didn't Work".

Cool country feels fit perfect with powerful pop production...

Wind in your hair and water at your feet...

That old winding creek crawls gently away. Today is the day you leave too.

It's just what you've got to do.


"It might be best if I just fall asleep..."

Jessica just can't forget past problems in "Thank God It Didn't Work". Instead, she puts a stamp of peace on them, acknowledging in retrospect, that they never needed to work out.

Jessica and her band bring the best their genre has to offer to the forefront from this song's start. Bright guitar strings send shimmering tones to touch Meuse's vocals. Vocals rush, swift, over slow-paced rhythm, and rhythm, nodding, reignites at each chorus. This is classic country spirit in pop rock pants.


This song folds free-flowing energy over rhythm, relaxing. As a mood, it's nostalgia. As a thought, it's reflection.

Most of all, "Thank God It Didn't Work" feels a lot like forgiveness. A touching track to take into account today, this song is definitely worth a try if you've got country music on your mind. But, even if you don't, this may just delight you. Do listen.

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