Jericho Noguera Exhales Smooth Retro Jazz in "Future Project"

Odd Nugget Social-done

A touch of bossa nova and a dab of progressive pop pull us aside in Jericho Noguera's "Future Project".

Juicy jazz rolled smooth on a hazy spread of melody... This song is a trip to a windy bay; a zephyr to whisk your mind away.

Overblown and underwhelming...

You knew it would be. You expected more.

You're almost sure you're melting.


"You can feel it all around..."

Classic rock in the vocals, alt. jazz in the harmony and a swinging way of swaying settle down the senses in "Future Project".

Overtly retro, "Future Project" plays bright as a bossa supernova, and warm as one too. Supremely subdued, this tune tempts the mind towards memories of America's "Ventura Highway" on ice; cozy, cuddly and calm as a balmy breeze.


Clicky acoustic percussion taps a tattoo in and around drifting strings. Bass notes play catch up with rhythm, not too quick, not too slow. It's the Goldilocks zone of tone.

No niche obsession need apply for you to find fitting appeal in this song. Press play to drift along.

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