Jeremy Johnson Inspires in "Legendary" Fashion @fearless_la


Odd Nugget Social-done
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"Do you understand who you are today?"

Back against wall. Eyes overshadowed. You're a phantom in the crowd.

Not of the crowd. Lost in it. You bump and step off sidewalk.

Light, your last sight, strikes at you. Hard and sharp as lightning, you're pierced, in pieces, and then released to peace. Bliss.

Odd Nugget Soc-done

"If I am legend..."

Intense verbal motivation makes up the bulk of "Legendary". An animated account of God's intentions for the souls of men, most of the song is a sermon at the top of the lungs.

Underpinning the rallying speech is a gentle padding of piano; dense and dramatic. Atmospheric.


Verbal tension builds over blossoming melody as the song mounts its summit. Hazy vocals fall from above - blanketing a bed of twinkling piano tones in conciliatory ecstasy.

This track is its own thing altogether. For the down and out, get up and get into "Legendary". It's meant for you.

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