Jennifer Hope Indulges in "Deadly Sin"


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A deadly combination of joy and sorrow overwhelm the senses in Jennifer Hope's fresh track "Deadly Sin."

It's sweet. It's sad. It's dangerously delightful and multifaceted with influence.

"Look into the Devil's eyes..."

Floorboards whine, tearless beneath you.

The grand piano is still in the heavy air of dusk.

Seated, you tap the loose keys; dislodge the cobwebs. Cold ivory pricks your fingertips.

Awake in a sweat, you turn to fleeting shadow at the foot of your bed.

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"You're my number one deadly sin."

Sarah Mclachlan's "In the Arms of an Angel" meets its inverse as Jennifer Hope bleeds poetry over a haunting piano progression.

It's not all brooding in "Deadly Sin," though; rhythmic reverie creeps into the chorus. Bright, gentle string plucks punctuate its shifted rhythm and the faintest glimmers of joy peer out through the cracks.

Jennifer's voice is incredibly expressive - ranging in timbre from whispers to echoing calls. You can sense the song's story in her inflection alone. Excellent.

"Deadly Sin" is lovely and you're sure to love it. So, give it a go and let go.

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