Jazzed by Blast Jam's "Too Cool"



Blast Jam's Uncle Funky and Zapp Boogie work it in "Too Cool" - sailing on stars in sweet psychedelic style.

Pitch-shifted, talkbox vocals and otherworldly ambiance swirl to cosmic perfection in "Too Cool."

Fans of Jamiroquai take note, Blast Jam are the real deal in funkadelia.

"If you don't like it, maybe you should leave..."

Emerge from your time machine to a new dimension.

Flying cars chase artificial starlight over rainbow lit sidewalks. Everyone steps in rhythm - choreographing their funky vibes.

Bell bottom suits and rosy round shades abound. You join the disco line. You belong here.

"I'm too cool for you."

The chorus is too cool.

Digital dream-speak amidst high-flung pads and synths bring Zapp and Roger's "Computer Love" to mind. Throwback funk with fresh, futurist feel.


All feel good funk and unapologetic groove, "Too Cool" lifts you cloud-high and keeps you there all the way through.

I'd call it old-school, but "Too Cool" is more evolution than nostalgia. Rapping over a classic funk sound and making it their own has allowed Blast Jam to transcend the bygone area from whence they've drawn inspiration. In turn, what they've given us here is stellar stuff worthy of our time.

Find your funky side and step into their world in "Too Cool."

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