Jason Ivy's "Higher" is the Highest You'll Get On Music Alone

Odd Nugget Social-done

80's soul and sawtooth synths set a sultry pace in Jason Ivy's new tune "Higher".

This is sonic fire with a chill flame.

Laughs and eyes, lingering...

Caught in the air like webbing...

Words spoken not aloud, allowing...

Two timid hearts to hang, hoping.


"I'm sensing your desire..."

Razor sharp beats and ramped up retro flavor make "Higher" super sweet. Ivy glides vocals over rocky percussion and icy tones. As a sonic scene, it's serene.

Old-school cool and crisp, "Higher" holds onto the heyday of new jack swing tapered off into smooth soul sounds. There's all the energy of a jumping dance floor, yet all the passionate restraint of a starlight singer seated and saddened. Caught in between the two extremes... Call it a tasteful twilight zone of tones.


Shattered longing yields to a fragmented beat. Bleeding mids phase out, rejoining quick as rejoinders to a lover's taunts. High-spectrum space spreads energy high overhead and we stand ankle-deep in the midst of it all.

You'd be wrong to walk away from this without a listen. There's immense satisfaction to be had in strafing the edge of beat and ballad. Strafe away.

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