Jake Crocker Gives Us "Gone"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Jake Crocker's "Gone" sizzles with surplus energy.

From soulful vocals, delectable drama drips - pooling in hollows of a porous beat.

"No wonder why we can't avoid the free-fall..."

Soaring... Electric storm clouds carry you off. You've no destination.

You're hard to miss. You're passing up and out. Out of sky, your space is chilled.

Gravity drags you back. Life won't let you go.

Gone Cover – Jake Crocker-done

"...Go back to where we started..."

Lyrically, "Gone" is a song sung to the romantically weary. Surfing the cycles of time-tested relationships, the words allude to hesitant commitment over hazy love.

Where the dynamics of the track are concerned, you can anticipate rebounding record whirr, shattered ice and choked hammerfalls keeping pace, receding bass hum and explosive choral synth magic in mass. It's good stuff.

Odd Nugget So-done

Alpha and omega of the classic EDM build and bust, "Gone" pulls you up to push you out again. There's a palpable push-pull ebb and flow throughout the track.

Overall, "Gone" is a drug. The good kind. That won't kill you. Listen and get stronger.

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